Choosing The Right Toothbrush

Choosing The Right Toothbrush

November 19, 2018

By: Suzanna McAninley, DMDpicking the best toothbrush

One of the most common questions patient’s ask me is what kind of toothbrush I recommend using. My answer is always the same. Get a toothbrush that you will actually use at least twice a day! I generally prefer my patients to use some type of electric toothbrush; I think that they do a much better job at cleaning teeth than a traditional manual toothbrush. Plus, they usually have some sort of alarm on the handle that alerts you when you are pushing too hard.

There are two main manufacturers of electric toothbrushes; Sonicare and Oral B. I believe that whatever type of electric toothbrush you pick is a personal choice. I don’t necessarily think that one cleans teeth better than the other. Either brand works as long as it’s a rechargeable toothbrush and not a toothbrush that you have to put batteries into. I find that over time the quality of the toothbrush motion decreases as the battery life dies. The rechargeable toothbrushes keep a more consistent brushing quality.


The Sonicare toothbrush has a gentle sonic vibration that cleans teeth much better than the physical motion of your hand. All you need to do is move the brush along your teeth and gumline. The Sonicare also has a traditional shaped toothbrush head. Sonicare toothbrushes come in more colors.

Oral B:

The difference between the Oral B toothbrushes and Sonicare is the nature of their movement. The Oral B is more of a mechanical motion vs. the sonic vibration of the Sonicare. The Oral B toothbrush also comes in either a round head or the more traditional shaped head.

Whatever electric toothbrush you decide to buy, an important thing to remember is to change the brush head every 3 months. Just like you would change your manual toothbrush every 3 months. I find that when taken care of, electric toothbrushes are worth the investment- they last for years. I’ve had my Oral B brush for 5 years now and it still has many years of life left.

In my opinion, electric toothbrushes make your teeth feel like you just had a cleaning- every time you brush. They are worth the investment. My patients that use electric toothbrushes have better oral hygiene and less plaque overall at their cleaning appointments. Do yourself a favor and invest in an electric toothbrush. Your dentist will thank you!

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