May 10, 2019

what are the best dental financing options?We get asked this a lot. The answer is yes & in this blog we’ll tell you a little more about the financing options at Bell Harbour Dental, your Downtown Seattle Dentist!

One of the most challenging aspects of running a 5-star dental practice is balancing our commitment for providing first-class dental care with our desire and need to make dental work accessible to all classes. We’re all in it together trying to stay healthy, feeling good about our health and our smiles. At Bell Harbour Dental we believe that we should all have equal access to the treatment we need. Unfortunately, within our modern day financial system this is a complex issue to approach.

Over the years we have tried many different formats for providing the hard-to-access dental care to those in need. Dr. Pawlowski spent many years working with donated dental services where dentists work together to provide free dental care to people with permanent disabilities, serious or chronic illnesses. We’ve helped patients to find insurance plans that suit them and their needs best. We also have a patient referral program and, though we know it’s not much in light of some of the costs of dental work, new patients can receive $50 off when referred by an existing patient of our office.

With all this said, we also offer CareCredit: a healthcare credit card designed for you to be able to access the finances required for you to achieve your health and wellness needs. CareCredit provides loans that enable you to make monthly payments on your dental work. It’s a great option for people who don’t have dental insurance or for those who can’t access the lump sums required for those hefty, yet important, operations.

CareCredit even offers “no interest” options if it can be paid in full within 6, or 12 months. There are also fixed payment plans which can be paid over longer periods of time, but with competitive interest rates. Call us and talk to one of our insurance and scheduling coordinators today for more info!

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