How To Find A Dentist

How To Find A Dentist

November 7, 2018

By: Suzanna McAninley, DMD

Finding the right dentist can be tough! Depending on what city you live in, there can be quite a few dentists in 5 miles of where your house is. Our office is in downtown Seattle; a very densely populated area for how to find a good dentistdentists. There are several ways I recommend starting your list of potential dentists.

The top way I would suggest to find a dentist is to ask one of your friends or co-workers if they like their dentist. This way you know your friend has already done the hard work and vetted someone for you! Another added benefit of this method is that the dental office will more than likely take your insurance if your co-worker is already a patient at that office. Most offices will also give referral gifts to existing patients that recommend a new patient. In our office, if you send along a friend you get a $20 Starbucks gift card and your friend gets $50 off their treatment. Not a bad deal!

A second way of finding a dentist that you know will take your insurance is to go to your insurance website and search for a provider near you. This is a sure fire way of finding a dentist that accepts your insurance plan. Always double check when you call to make your appointment though! Just to be on the safe side. Many times the insurance company websites will have fun facts about the dentists that are in network with them, like where they went to school or how long they have been practicing.

The last suggestion I have is the most simple. Google. Search on google for “dentist near me” or “(insert your neighborhood) dentist”, for example, Belltown dentist or downtown Seattle dentist. These will usually turn up several good options. Now you just have to visit their websites or make a few calls to determine if they take your insurance. Most times you can also read reviews that are associated with that dental office as well.

Don’t take the decision of finding a dentist lightly! Having a dentist is a very personal relationship. Who else will be working 2 feet from your face? You need to make sure you like and trust that person. Depending on how much work you will need to have done, you may be spending quite a bit of time with your dentist. So make sure they’re a good one! At least find one that makes you smile!

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