Oral Sedation Can Assure You A Relaxed Dental Experience

Oral Sedation Can Assure You A Relaxed Dental Experience

September 3, 2017

If you experience anxiety prior to every visit to your Seattle dentist, you should know you are far from alone with this issue. Nearly 25% of all Americans experience serious anxiety prior to visiting their dentist and nearly 15% of them would even refuse visiting their dentist, because of fear and anxiety.

If you want to have a flawless smile but also enjoy a relaxed experience during your dental treatment, the perfect option for you is oral sedation. It is a great solution for simple procedures, like a tooth, as well as more complicated treatments, like dental implants.

What is Oral Sedation?

Sedation dentistry is the practice of using sedatives to help patients relax during dental treatment. Oral sedation includes the usage of sedative medications, which slow down the central nervous system. Unlike other forms of sedation, oral sedation keeps you awake but you’re less responsive to things occurring around you and are also less responsive to pain.

Oral sedation may range from minimal to moderate, depending on the total dosage given. For minimal sedation, you take a pill, usually about an hour before the procedure. A larger dose may be given to produce moderate sedation.

Is Oral Sedation the right solution for me?

Oral sedation is the perfect solution for you if you experience any of the following:

  • Serious dental anxiety
  • Low pain threshold
  • Extremely sensitive teeth
  • Low gag reflex
  • Need extensive dental work to be done

What are the benefits of Oral Sedation?

Some of the key benefits of oral sedation include:

  • It is very effective and completely safe
  • It gives better and more comfortable experience to dental patients
  • No needles or shots are involved in giving this type of anesthesia
  • It allows even highly anxious patients to receive perfect dental care

If you are experiencing anxiety prior to visiting your dentist or you just want to make your Seattle dental visit more comfortable, you can rely on the professionalism and caring approach of Dr. Pawlowski and Dr. Cho from Bell Harbour Dental. Our doctors will take a perfect care of your smile, without pain and discomfort.

Oral Sedation is even a choice for your children!

Modern advances in sedation drug therapy are allowing Seattle dentists to treat children and teenagers who would otherwise be too anxious about receiving dental treatment or need more invasive procedures, like filling cavities or extracting teeth. Oral sedation could also be a great choice for your child. Call us today to find out more!

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