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Dental Veneers in Seattle, WA

If you want to improve the way your teeth look and protect them from the things you eat and drink daily, you need veneers near you. That means you need to visit us at Bell Harbour Dental. We can install your veneers in no time to have your teeth looking and feeling great.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are thin porcelain pieces covering the front surface of your teeth. They’re typically used to correct minor problems like chips, scratches, or stains on your natural tooth enamel and can be fabricated using a mold taken from an impression of your teeth.

Besides being used to correct damaged teeth, they can also improve the appearance of teeth with gaps between them. The porcelain acts as an “artificial skin” on the teeth.

How are they installed?

Veneers can be created and applied in one appointment, which takes about two to three hours. You will sit through a dental exam with the dentist, where you will receive x-rays followed by impressions and lab work for your new veneers.

Once these steps have been completed, you will receive a temporary set of porcelain veneers bonded onto your tooth enamel surface using light pressurization or adhesives. The process may take an additional hour, depending on the adhesive we use during the installation and how many teeth need treatment at once.

Who Can Get Veneers Put On?

The most common reason people seek dental veneers is to fix a misaligned tooth. In many cases, the teeth are not aligned correctly or have gaps from brushing and grinding habits.

Anyone with tooth damage, crooked, or gapped teeth is eligible to have veneers installed. As always, consult with the dentist at Bell Harbour Dental about any medical conditions and other issues before you decide on the procedure. Veneers are a great way to reshape your teeth and give your smile back.

You can find veneers in Seattle, WA and get back the smile you truly deserve.

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