Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings in Seattle, WA

No one wants to hear about cancer in their mouths, but it’s better to hear about it early rather than once it’s too late. Getting an oral cancer screening near you regularly will help you catch cancer early and be able to treat it effectively. Bell Harbour Dental has dentists near you that know how to screen for oral cancer so that once you go in, you can be sure that they will find anything if it is there.

As long as you get at least an annual screening at Bell Harbour Dental, you can be sure that you will catch things early enough that they won’t become a major issue later on. We know that the health of your mouth, teeth, tongue, and gums is very important to you.

What Are Oral Cancer Screenings?

Unlike routine exams, an oral cancer screening is a specialized procedure our dentist will perform if requested.

Typically, an oral cancer screening begins with the patient’s medical history to determine if any risk factors, such as family history or smoking, may put them at higher risk for oral cancer.

Once this is done, the process moves on to the actual screening. This is done by the dentist performing a visual examination of the patient’s mouth. Using light to help illuminate the mouth, gums, teeth, and tongue, the dentist will visually check for any spots of discoloration, abscesses, signs of swelling, or lumps.

The dentist may also physically check the throat and neck for growth or swelling. If nothing is found during either portion of the screening, the patient is free to go home until their next routine visit. However, if signs of cancer are present, the dentist may take a biopsy which is sent off to a lab for further tests, and schedule a follow-up visit to determine the next steps.

While no one wants to deal with cancer, preventative screenings are the best way to catch it early enough that it can be dealt with before becoming a serious issue.

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