Perio For Referring Doctor

Perio For Referring Doctor

Use of Equipment

Consider the advanced techniques and equipment available when referring patients for periodontal care. Specialists utilize cutting-edge tools like Cone Beam for precise diagnostics and treatment planning. Procedures such as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, antimicrobial therapies, flap surgery, and bone and tissue grafting are common interventions. Dental implants, ridge augmentation, crown lengthening, and gingival contouring techniques, including All-on-4®️, are available. For aesthetic concerns, we can also explore period-plastic surgeries. Trusting skilled periodontists with access to these resources ensures comprehensive and effective treatment for your patient’s oral health needs.

What makes us different:

Our practice is committed to supporting you in increasing production and providing the best patient care. Here’s how:

  1. Patient Retention: We understand your concern about patient retention. Rest assured, we’ll collaborate to provide specialized periodontal care while keeping your patients in your practice.
  2. Implant Warranties: Our implant procedures are backed by solid warranties. We stand by the quality of our work, ensuring your patients’ long-term satisfaction and peace of mind.
  3. Enhancing General Dentistry: Discover how partnering with us can complement your general dentistry services. We’ll share success stories illustrating how our periodontal expertise can benefit your patients and practice.
  4. Automated Scheduling and Follow-Up: Our streamlined processes include automated scheduling and post-operative follow-ups. We ensure your patients receive prompt and thorough care, enhancing their overall experience.


Will you keep my patient?

No, we’re here to collaborate with you, not compete. We’ll provide specialized periodontal care and then return the patient to your practice for their general dentistry needs.

What are your implant warranties?

We offer comprehensive warranties on our implant procedures, providing peace of mind to you and your patients. We can discuss Specific warranty details can be discussed during our partnership consultation.

How has periodontics helped a general dentist?

Periodontics can enhance your practice by expanding your range of services. Learn from real-life examples of how incorporating our specialized care has positively impacted general dentists like you.

How does your automated scheduling and follow-up work?

We use state-of-the-art systems to schedule appointments efficiently and ensure post-operative follow-up care. This helps us provide seamless, coordinated care and ensures your patients are well taken care of throughout their treatment journey.

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