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Surgical Extractions in Seattle, WA

Most patients who have been to the dentist had a tooth pulled at some point. Hearing that you might need a surgical extraction can be scary and feels like a lot more than just having a tooth pulled. Surgical extractions are much more common than you may think, with up to 60% of teens and young adults needing a surgical dental extraction. While a whole range of things can go wrong with a person’s teeth that may make them need to be extracted, most people have teeth in their mouths that have to be surgically extracted, their wisdom teeth. That’s right; most surgical extractions are because of wisdom teeth.

We’ll explain why wisdom tooth extractions are so common and necessary and why a surgical extraction is nothing to worry about at today’s dental clinics.

Why Are Wisdom Tooth Extractions Necessary?

The wisdom teeth are the large molars in the back of our mouths. Most people don’t know that wisdom teeth are unnecessary, and our mouths aren’t large enough to hold them, causing crowding and space issues inside our mouths. That is because wisdom teeth are an evolutionary leftover from our ancestors that we no longer need.

Because of this, the dentist will often suggest that young patients get them removed once they come in so that the rest of the teeth have enough space to fit properly and not rub against each other and cause cavities.

Another reason dentists are so apt to remove wisdom teeth is that they are likely to come in improperly, such as staying buried in the gumline, coming in sideways, or even staying buried inside the gum completely. This can lead to cavities underneath the gum and other complications.

Getting wisdom teeth extracted is easier than it used to be. Thanks to new technology and anesthesia, it can be done faster and with little to no pain during the procedure, with faster recovery times.

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